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  1. What is my home worth?

    First, we’ll see what the comparable homes are selling for in your area. This is called the “after repair value” (ARV). Once we know the ARV, we estimate any repairs that need to be done to your home. This includes the cost of the materials as well as the labor. We subtract the repair costs from the after repair value (ARV) in order to make our cash offer to you. ARV – repairs = OFFER

  2. How long is it going to take to close?

    It takes about three weeks (21 days) from the time you sign the purchase agreement until you get your money at the title company. Sometimes it takes even less time than that.

  3. Who schedules the closing?

    The title company will schedule the closing. Any questions that you have about closing, we usually refer you on to ask the title company. We try to get you scheduled for closing as quickly as possible, but generally that is going to be subject to the title company’s schedule and availability.

  4. How do I know exactly how much money I will receive upon closing?

    The title company will first issue you a title commitment. This means you will be able to have a free and clear title. Then, they will send you a closing statement that itemizes all the expenses, such as the tax proration, and any judgements, and assessments, or anything like that that is owed on the property. It will itemize all those things and give you a final statement of the exact amount of money you will receive upon closing. You will be able to sign off on that before we close.

  5. Why do we need to use a title company?

    The title company ensures that the title is clean. It gives the buyer peace of mind, knowing that there are no back taxes, judgments, liens, etc. that would become their responsibility.

  6. How much are the closing costs?

    Closing costs are typically $400 to $500. We cover these costs for you.

  7. What if I don’t have a clean title?

    If you owe any money on your home, back taxes, or judgements, or any assessments, it will be deducted from the purchase price of the home upon closing. For example if we are purchasing your home for $20,000, and you owe $2000 on back taxes, you will receive $18,000 upon closing. $20,000 – $2,000 = $18,000

  8. How long will the initial appointment take?

    To do the walkthrough and inspection, it will only take us about 10-15 minutes. It’s really quick and hassle free.

  9. Do you purchase property as-is?

    Yes, we purchase every property as-is.
    Do you purchase property while my furniture and personal possessions are still inside? We ask that anything you want to keep, you remove from the home before you sell it.

  10. Do you purchase the property with trash inside?

    We prefer the house to be free of trash and debris. However, depending on the situation, we will work with you to find the best solution.

  11. Do you buy houses with fire damage, electrical problems, broken pipes?

    Yes. The cost of repairs will be reflected in our cash offer to you.

  12. Do I have to be moved out of my house before I can sell it?

    Yes, you must be moved out before you sell your home.

  13. Can I sell my home from out of state?

    Yes you can. The communication can be done through phone calls, mail, or email.

  14. Can you evict my current tenants for me?

  15. Will you buy the home with tenants inside?

    Yes, we will buy property that has current tenants. But we will need verifiable rent receipts, and a copy of the lease agreement. We will also need to know who pays utilities and how much utilities run. We will want to know how much the property taxes are. And how much the property insurance is.

  16. My home is boarded up. Can you still get in?

    Yes, with your permission, We Buy Cash KC can find a way into your home.

  17. Who chooses the title company?

    Typically, we as the buyer choose the title company that we work with. The title company we work with is Alpha Title Company of Kansas City, located on 666 Red Bridge Road.

  18. Does We Buy Cash KC need to get lender approval or do formal inspections on the home?

    No. We buy your house for cash so we don’t need to get any formal inspections done or a lenders approval so

  19. What type of property do you buy?

    We buy vacant properties, investment properties, rental properties, including those with current tenant. We buy fixer-upper properties, inherited properties, pre-foreclosure, going through foreclosure. We buy homes or houses in which the owner are going through the divorce. We buy homes when people are relocating or moving. If you have liens, judgments or owe back taxes on your property, we can still buy your home. We buy houses in the urban core as well as suburban neighborhoods. We buy property with little to no equity in it, as well. We buy single and multifamily dwellings.

  20. What if I don’t have much equity in my home?

    Our strategy for a low equity home would be to try to work out a deal where you can move on to another home without damaging your credit. This works especially well in a situation where you have low equity and are facing a foreclosure. Your existing mortgage would stay in place. We would provide you with a lump sum at the time of closing. This sum would cover all the mortgage payments you are behind on, and perhaps some extra money, depending on what we agree on with you. Then, and we would begin to cover the mortgage payment each month on that home, while you meanwhile have moved on to another place to live. We can come up with all kinds of creative solutions to help you solve your problem, no matter what the situation is. Just call us and we can talk.

Brandon Worrell
Brandon Worrell
14:05 07 Jun 19
Justin is great to work with. I would definitely recommend him.
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones
11:34 23 Mar 19
Justin was up front and honest. The transaction went very smoothly. We will be back again. Ty
Carolyn Ochoa
Carolyn Ochoa
03:46 13 Mar 19
After calling a few companies Justin gave me top offer for my house. Justin is so very easy to work with and explained the process in detail he took care of everything I'm so glad I chose to go with this company. Justin gave me peace of mind as they are very honest peopleread more
fernanda diaz
fernanda diaz
02:22 13 Mar 19
Few days ago I purchased a house with the help of Justin. My experience was great! He couldn’t have made it easier. Justin was tremendously nice, polite, helpful & honest. I truly recommend his more
Danisha Clarkson
Danisha Clarkson
22:15 27 Jan 19
What a great experience!! Professional not a long process just overall honest good business. Thanks Justin I will definitely keep the company in mind and pass it more
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