Traditional home sales are one option. But what about when you want to sell your house fast? Cash home sales are an alternative to putting your home up for sale. There are a lot of great reasons people go this route:

  1. Selling your home for cash means that you don’t have to take the time or make the investment for costly repairs or updates.
  2. Cash home sales mitigate the risk of lost money if a home sits on the market for a long time.
  3. Selling a house for cash is a great way to offload properties that are inherited, in foreclosure, or would simply be difficult to sell.
  4. Selling houses for cash gives you an accelerated timeline, made possible by a simple and easy cash transaction that replaces lengthy financial processes.
  5. Avoid losing a significant portion of your profit to fees and realtor commission.
  6. A cash home sale means that you don’t have to jump through the hoops of cleaning, updating, photographing, listing and showing your home.

There are numerous advantages to a cash home sale. Read on to learn more about how to sell your home fast in Oklahoma City, and for general info on the ways selling your home for cash may benefit you.

Sell My House Fast OKC

Sell My Home Fast Oklahoma is a premiere company that buys homes for cash in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. We are providing this primer for how to sell your home fast so that you can learn all of your options. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners get out of a sticky situation, or undesirable home, and on with their lives. If you are looking for a way to sell your home fast, we buy houses in Oklahoma City! Get in touch with us and learn more about how to pay no fees, no realtor commissions and get a fast cash offer for your OKC home. 

Contact us online or give us a call at (405) 267-1163.

Sell My House Fast Oklahoma, OK

How long does it take to sell a home in Oklahoma? The average time to sell a house in Oklahoma is 71 days. Most homes get an offer in about 30 days and then homeowners have to await the 35 day closing period. Depending on local market conditions, the job market, time of year and your property’s condition, this timeline could be even longer.

So, ask yourself: how long do you have to sell your OKC home? Maybe a job is waiting for you. Maybe you have inherited a property and are coming into town to sell it. There are numerous factors that could require an accelerated timeline. A cash home sale can offer a faster, easier option to listing and selling your house.

What is the best time to sell a home in Oklahoma? Even the most complete guide to selling your house in Oklahoma is going to require a lot of time and effort. Anyone who has sold a house the traditional way knows that you need to make some investments. These include cosmetic upgrades, professional photos, staging and more. Some homeowners are just ready to move on right away without all of that hassle. Whatever your exact circumstance, a cash home sale may be the right option for you. Read on to learn more about how it works.

Cash Home Sales

What does the process of selling a house for cash look like? There is a pretty standard process. You may be surprised at how easy it is to find an “ASAP cash buyer” for your OKC home. Here’s how a cash offer on a house works:

  1. Call a cash home buyer in your area.
  2. Answer a series of questions about the status and condition of the home.
  3. Your property value will be assessed.
  4. A cash offer will be made.

If you accept the cash offer, an agreement will be signed. Once signed, title work can begin and the investor will buy your home. With the right factors, you can get to the closing table in as little as seven days, receive the agreed upon amount for your home.

Here are some of the benefits to cash home sales:

  • Speed: you could be closing on your house in 7 days or less.
  • No walkthroughs or inspections.
  • Flexibility: we can buy a home as-is without requiring repairs.
  • No professional appraisals.
  • Cost-savings: don’t pay fees, closing costs or commissions.

Want more in-depth insight? Tap here to learn more about how to sell your house fast in Oklahoma City.

Companies That Buy Houses in Oklahoma City

When you want to sell your house as is now, we buy houses in any condition. Before you sell your house for cash in Oklahoma City, you should know your options. There are a few companies that buy houses in Oklahoma City. Here are some of them, what they’re known for, and a little more on the process:

OKC Property Buyers: OKC property buyers provide cash home sales throughout the Oklahoma City Metro area. They provide all cash offers without real estate agents. There are no exclusion on the condition of homes they will buy.

We Buy Houses: We Buy Houses is a larger company that provides regional services. They operate on a national scale but also buy houses in Oklahoma City, OK. Their branch office is located in Tulsa, OK. House Kings is also a larger company that has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They provide cash offers after a brief phone call and have been buying homes for cash in Oklahoma City since 2006.

Bricktown Home Buyers: this is another agency that does require a walk-through and on-site inspection in order to buy homes for cash in OKC. They do not charge fees or commissions for a cash home sale.

House Buyers OKC: this is an Oklahoma-based company that buys houses in Oklahoma County, Canadian County, Cleveland County and Pottawatomie County. They pay all closing costs for as-is home sales.

We Buy Houses OKC: locally-owned and operated, these real estate investors have a Quick Home Evaluation that can provide a cash offer in 15 minutes or less. They buy homes in foreclosure, unwanted rental houses, inherited homes and homes in need of repair.

We Buy Ugly Houses: an investment firm, We Buy Ugly Houses has local branches in Oklahoma City. They buy condos, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, townhouses, single family homes and even commercial properties for cash.

W Properties: specialize in buying inherited properties. They are a real estate agency, so the home buying and selling process may reflect a more traditional process than the other cash home buyers listed.

Sell My Home Fast Oklahoma: operating for nearly a decade, Sell My Home Fast Oklahoma is owned and operated by a licensed realtor and local investor. Committed to integrity and exceptional service, this business has helped hundreds of homeowners in the area with fair market value cash home sales.

History of Sell My House Fast Oklahoma City

Sell My House Fast Oklahoma City isn’t a top choice just because we know the system and get homeowners the right price for their homes. We continue to be a go-to for people in the area who need to sell their house for cash for additional reasons. First off, we operate with a sincere vision to invest in this community. Our founder, Justin Montoya, realized that not everyone benefits from traditional real estate transactions. 

As a real estate investor, he’s made it his mission to help people out. We operate with transparency and honesty, getting you fair value for your home within the right timeline. We’re proud of the great work we’ve done and all of the good people we’ve helped sell their homes for cash and move on with their lives. This is important to us and we treat every client with respect, providing as favorable an outcome as possible for the service they require.

Tap here to learn more about Sell My House Fast Oklahoma founder Justin Montoya.

We buy a wide variety of houses in OKC, including:

  • Homes in foreclosure
  • Inherited properties
  • Ugly houses in OKC
  • Fixer-uppers
  • Homes with liens
  • Homes with judgments
  • Properties with back taxes

Whether you need help out of foreclosure, help on a home with back taxes or just want to move faster, Sell My House Fast Oklahoma City can help you.

Sell My House for Cash

Selling a house for cash has a ton of benefits. The timeline alone makes this process worth a second look. For anyone who wants to move fast, without the hassle of waiting for a home to sale, a cash home offer may be the right option.

According to Statista, more than 41,000 homes were sold for cash in 2019. In the first six months of 2020 alone, there was a 15% increase of cash home sales. There are a few different kinds of people or entities who offer cash home sales.

  1. Buy-and-hold investors: these kinds of cash home buyers will convert the purchased home into an income property, or rental property.
  2. House flippers: some real estate investors specialize in renovating old homes or ugly homes, which they will then put a lot of money into and resell.
  3. iBuyers: this is a relatively new phenomenon. iBuyers, or “instant buyers,” will use automated property evaluation methods to assess the worth of a property and provide cash for a home. About 1% of cash home sales are done this way by companies like this.

The goal for someone who is selling their home for cash is usually twofold: speed and profit. Let’s review how a cash home sale gets you a faster, possibly more lucrative, home sale.

How to Sell a House Fast

There are several ways in which a cash home sale speeds up the process. Here are the main reasons a traditional real estate process is so slow:

  • Getting Market Ready: it takes time to prepare a home to sell. You will want to get the best price for your home. Some homes are in such a state of disrepair they are virtually impossible to sell as-is. This will require not only cosmetic updates but some renovations. The up-front expense and time to get a home ready to sell on the market may be cost-prohibitive or simply too lengthy for homeowners.
  • Waiting Periods and Negotiations: even once you have a qualified buyer on the hook, there are some time-wasters in store. For instance, buyers will order inspections and appraisals, which take time. Then comes the all-important season of negotiations, which often include contingencies which can negate the sale entirely. All of these present unknowns in the timeline, which can impair a homeowner’s ability to offload the property. 

Remember that the longer a home sits on the market, the longer you are paying monthly mortgage and home maintenance costs. All of this can add up to a huge burden if you have already moved or need to move. Selling your house for cash flips a switch and gives you the freedom to move on without the wait.

Throughout the Oklahoma City area, cash home sales are a desirable alternative for homeowners. Read on to learn more about the areas Sell My Home Fast Oklahoma serves and how you can get access to a fast cash offer for your home.

Sell My House in Oklahoma City

When you’re ready to move out of your Oklahoma City home, we can offer cash in exchange for your fast freedom. Move on from real estate and on with your life. We provide cash home sales in the following Oklahoma City neighborhoods:

  • Bricktown
  • Downtown Oklahoma City
  • Adventure District
  • Asian District
  • Paseo
  • Newalla
  • Stockyards City
  • Plaza District
  • Uptown
  • Stockyards City

Contact us to learn if your home could be sold for cash.

Sell My House in Tulsa

Tulsa, OK for sale homes may be edging your fixer-upper, old or inherited home out of the market. Never fear! You can always sell your Tulsa, OK house for cash. We provide cash home sales in the following areas of Tulsa:

  • Downtown
  • Greenwood District
  • West Tulsa
  • Lynn Lane
  • Blue Dome District
  • Kendall-Whittier
  • Tulsa Arts District
  • Ranch Acres
  • Gilcrease Hills
  • Lortondale
  • Easton Heights
  • South Towne Square
  • Gillette Historic District
  • And More!

Contact us to “sell my house fast” in Tulsa!

Sell My House Fast: Norman, OK

Norman, Oklahoma for sale homes are commonly listed online, through traditional real estate websites, but that is not your only option! If you need to sell your Norman, OK house, we can help. We offer cash for Norman, OK homes in the following neighborhoods (and beyond!):

  • Campus Corner
  • Larsh/Miller
  • Little Axe
  • Original Townsite
  • Old Silk Stocking
  • First Courthouse
  • And More!

Want to sell your Norman, OK house for cash? Contact us to get started!

Sell My House Fast: Broken Arrow, OK

For sale homes in Broken Arrow may be listed online, or you may just put a good old fashioned sign and sell it by owner. But did you know that you could get cash for your Broken Arrow home? Sometimes, this is the best way to sell an older home or a home in need of repairs. Whatever your situation (or home condition), we can help! We provide home sales in the following areas of Broken Arrow:

  • Rose District
  • Bentree
  • Broken Arrow Hills
  • Arkansas Valley South
  • Arlington Court
  • Bricktown
  • Eagle Ridge
  • Fairfax
  • Cedar Lake
  • Castlegate
  • And More!

Ready to sell your Broken Arrow home for cash? Contact us to get an offer!

Sell My House in Edmond, OK

Want to sell your Edmond, OK house for cash? Contact us for a free offer!

Sell My House in Lawton, OK

Sell your Lawton, OK house fast… for cash. We can help!

Sell My House in Moore, OK

Sell your house in Moore, OK for cash!

Sell My House in Midwest City, OK

Contact us to get a fair market value offer for your Midwest City, OK house.

Sell My House in Stillwater, OK

Contact us to sell your Stillwater, OK house for cash!

Sell My House in Enid, OK

Sell your Enid, OK house for cash… to us!

Sell My House in Muskogee, OK

Sell your Muskogee, OK house: get a cash offer today!

Sell My House in Owasso, OK

Sell your house in Owasso, OK for cash!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions people also ask when they want to “sell my house fast.”

I need to sell my house ASAP: what are my options?

A fast home sale can be accomplished in a couple of ways. Sometimes, if the market conditions are right and the home is in great condition, a home can sell fast if you put it on the market using traditional methods. This would mean working with a realtor to list your home, show it to prospective buyers and move toward a contract and closing. Using this method, you could sell your home in as few as 30-45 days. If that timeline is still too slow, your other option is to sell your home for cash. A cash home sale will usually be facilitated by a real estate investor who will assess the property and make you an offer. In contrast to even an accelerated traditional home sale, a cash home sale can close in as little as a week.

How to sell a house fast?

You may be able to sell a home fast by putting a chunk of cash into renovations, repairs and cosmetic upgrades. If a home is perceived as being more desirable than comparables, or is priced lower but has higher value, it can sell fast. The alternative to making an investment or selling your home for less may be a cash home sale.

How can I sell my house fast for cash?

Contact a company in your area that buys homes for cash. Check out their online reviews and learn as much as you can about the company. While many companies buy homes for cash in OKC, not all of them are equally reputable or reliable. Be sure they have great, third-party reviews and a track record of success. As long as they’re trustworthy, you can get a good offer (fair market value) and a cash offer on your OKC home.

Should I sell my house?

There are a lot of good reasons to sell a house. Sometimes, your house has increased in value and can make you profit. Other times, you need to move out of an area that is changing or can no longer afford your mortgage. Whether you’re facing foreclosure or just want a change of scenery, putting your home on the market is going to require some work. To avoid the effort and potentially lengthy timeline of a traditional home sale, you can also sell your home for cash. This is an alternative that can get you a good value for your home without the hassle or added fees of a realtor.

How much can I sell my house for?

To know how much your house is worthy, many factors will be considered. Whether you’re selling your home for cash or going a traditional route, a professional should look at comparable homes (“comps”), the age and condition of your home and market conditions. All of these will be considered as you land on a listing price for your home. These are the same factors that will be considered if you are offering your home for sale for cash.

Why is my house not selling?

There are many market factors that could leave your home sitting on the market without offers. Sometimes, your home may be priced too high or lack renovations similar for-sale homes have done. If your home doesn’t stack up well to the houses next to it, buyers won’t be likely to come in for showings. When you lack the cash to make necessary improvements to sell your home on the real estate market, you may want to look into getting a cash offer for your home. Sometimes, you can make more money (and will definitely walk away faster) than you would with a traditional home sale.

Can I sell my own house?

Selling a house “by owner” is definitely an option for people who want to avoid the traditional route or not pay real estate fees. There are a few drawbacks, not least of which is that you won’t have access to comps or other important data to price your home. You’ll also have to do all the work of listings and showing your home. Sometimes, people who want to sell a house themselves just sell it for cash to a real estate investor. This can be an efficient way to sell your own home, still avoid the fees, and move on much faster than you could or would if you were just listing it for sale by owner.

I Want to Sell My House Fast

We get it. The burden of sitting in a home that’s headed toward foreclosure, the challenge of selling an inherited home, the feeling that you don’t have options with a rundown or old home. All of this can be mitigated by a fast, cash home sale. This is a powerful opportunity for you to find an exit out of a challenging situation. As you can see, the process isn’t difficult or complex and can be just the ticket you need for a fresh start or to offload an unwanted home.

Sell My House Now

Do you realize that a cash home sale may be just what you’ve been waiting for? When you want to sell your house fast, Sell My Home Fast Oklahoma is here to help. We provide local, friendly, individualized service. Ours is not a giant firm that is going to give you an automated offer for your home. We take into account the value and worth of your home, market value and dynamics and other vital considerations. It’s important to us that you receive authentic communication and an honest offer. With us, you will get the time and care to move out of your home and on with your life. Contact us to learn more.